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Main » 2010 » November » 15 » make Normal, Parallax, Occlusion and Specular maps in Photoshop!
12:34 PM
make Normal, Parallax, Occlusion and Specular maps in Photoshop!
If You want to make express Normal, Parallax, Occlusion and Specular maps for your new texture
You have no need to launch 3Ds max or special applications..


a)Normal, Parallax,Occlusion mapping..

1. Your image.. (ideal image for normal mapping)
2. Import Your image to Photoshop
3. Examine picture to find possible hollows to depict in normal map
4. Focus!
5. Make a new layer above current =>
=> make your layer transparent
=> paint 'deep' areas of your texture with dark color (on new layer!)
=> paint 'high' areas of your texture with bright color (on new layer!)
(The Darkest color = black = absolutely depth)
(The Brightest color = white = absolutely high)
...:: Make It a gaussian blur a little ::...
SAVE IT IN 'TGA' format!

6)Open It in 'TGAtoDOT3.exe' ! ( 48 KB)

Bonus ( Half-Life Texturing )

7)Open VTF TOOL (Source SDK )
8)Make VTF!
9)open Notepad and put down following code :

"$basetexture" "Your_Folder/Your_VTF"
"$bumpmap" "Your_Folder/Your_VTF_normal"
"$surfaceprop" "METAL"
"%keywords" "Your_Texture"
//"$normalmapalphaenvmapmask" 1
//"$envmapcontrast" 1
//"$envmapsaturation" 1
//"$envmaptint" "[ .80 .80 .80 ]"
//"$envmap" "env_cubemap"

P.S.: Your_Folder/Your_VTF = location of your texture (Your_VTF.vtf)
"$surfaceprop" "METAL" = type of surface for your Texture (In fact There are loads of types!!!)

b) Specular mapping :

White areas is absolutely specualr.
Black is not specular at all.

For Example. House with glowing windows.

This is paint-like picture of test-texture..


and This is specular map.


And this is texture for normal map


and This is normal map


c) In-Game Testing

1) Open Valve Hammer
2) Choose brush and find Your Texture (filter : Your)

3) Apply texture and add light source near that wall textured with you pic.
4) Run map
5) Enjoy!

P.P.S  : This is Basic Turorial !
Attachments: Image 1 · Image 2 · Image 3 · Image 4 · Image 5 · Image 6 · Image 7
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